Homeowners to Tighten up Their Security

4 Tips for Homeowners to Tighten up Their Security

A home serves as a safe haven for many people. However, police reports say other. For instance, based on an FBI report in 2012, millions of homeowners in the United States experienced burglaries. What does this mean? This is a call to constantly enhance your home security. A weak door lock or an open window gives an intruder an opportunity to enter your home. But your home security does not revolve around having strong door locks or unbreakable windows. What you need is a holistic security plan. You must take security measures that eliminate vulnerabilities and risk factors that you home is prone to. Here is a breakdown of 4 security measures to implement in your home.

Homeowners to Tighten up Their Security

  1. Install home security systems

It is expensive to install security system in your home. But it is more expensive not to install one. A home that lacks a security system is at a higher risk of intrusion by a burglar. A home security system is designed based on the fundamental principle of facilitating security at entry points in a home such as windows and doors. A home security system also secures interior spaces that house valuable possessions such as guns and artifacts. One of the components of a home security system is the control panel which acts as its primary controller. A home security system also comprises electronic devices such as window and door sensors, interior and exterior motion sensors, wireless or wired security cameras and sirens. The following are benefits of a home security system:

  • An alarm system deters burglars from invading your home.
  • Your valuables- expensive jewellery, electronic items and antiques- are adequately secured.
  • Facilitate remote monitoring of all activities happening in your home even when you are far away.
  • A security system offers you a sense of security hence peace of mind.
  1. Install CCTV cameras

Your home should have CCTV cameras installed at strategic locations in your home. CCTV cameras act as effective methods to scare off probable intruders. They prevent the intruders from trespassing your home. The sight of security cameras is enough to make potential intruders to refrain from burgling your home. Which places in your home should you install security cameras? The main entrance, the driveway, the backyard, the garage and the guest house are more vulnerable than other entry points of your home. These places should have at least one CCTV camera to detect any suspicious activities.

  1. Install security alarms

Security alarms also reinforce your home security. They discourage intruders from getting access to your home. Security alarms such as digital locks and sound alarms help detect intrusion to your home by intruders. The security alarms also notify your neighbourhoods of a break-in. Security alarms therefore serve an essential role of helping you stay extremely vigilant and intimidate efforts of intruders.

  1. Add extra outdoor lights

Installing advanced security systems to reinforce your home security is costly. If you lack the capacity to invest in security systems, consider adding extra outdoor lights. Proper outdoor lighting enhances visibility hence helps keep an eye on intruders. For example, sufficient lighting at your home’s entry and exit points enables you to identify persons visiting your home. Further, installing motion-sensing lighting makes your home feel more secure.


To conclude, a secure home is a comfortable home. As such, you must always accord your home top priority. The aforementioned points provide a great course of action as strive reinforce your home security.

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