6 Belt Buckle Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

We could all make use of a nice handy belt from time to time, to keep us snuggly in our jeans.
Now, you could stick with the old’ trusty belt strap, leather or suede or you could try something that will turn heads. If you want to make a good impression or even freak your friends out

Then one of these 5 mind blowing belts will surely be desirable!


  • Beer Bottle Buckle Why would you even consider carrying your bottled beer in your hand
    if you could carry it on your belt buckle?
    I mean I know what I would rather do! From first glance this buckle looks like your everyday buckle but if you pull down the front plate then a ring will fall out ready to hold your beer. Voila, were are ready for our hands free drinking binge! Etch-a-Sketch Buckle This belt buckle designed by Etsy is certainly intriguing. This copper belt has a fully functional etch-a-sketch attached to its front. At least you won’t be bored on this two dimensional piece of bliss.
  • Scrolling LED Buckle If you are a serious geek then one of these scrolling LED belt buckles will certainly suit your personality. You could probably even get away with wearing this to work. You can write your own cheeky message you would like to present to coworkers or that cute girl you have had your eye on. Maybe she will be impressed by your witty yet weird belt buckle.
  • Cigarette Holder Buckle If you want to carry around your cigarettes discreetly than grab yourself one of these handy contraptions. You can easily put your cigarettes in this holder snuggly without having to carry around those ugly cigarette boxes. Nobody will even know you’re carrying anything!
  • (Shah)Bubblegum Belt Buckle Not only will you get people coming approaching you wanting to be your new best friend but you will have a little something to nibble on if the need for food arrives. If you want to stay cool than I would cover this one up with a long jumper, oh and keep away from young children (they might have fun mimicking you).
  • Bicycle Tire Buckle If you are an environmentally friendly person then this will be something that is ideal for you. Perhaps there is an old spare bicycle lying around which has nonfunctional tires, just rip off the outer tube and use it as a belt! Who would’ve thought of a better use for old scrap tires? Hmm, no I wouldn’t of either. I would myself prefer to throw the tube out entirely, but each to their own I guess.

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