6 Common Mistakes to Remove from Your Resume

Resumes are a vital aspect of the job hunt
So it is hard to understand why so many people send out lackluster resumes on a regular basis. For the most part, you are being judged based on this sheet of paper,

So you Need to


  • Make sure that you are really able to make an impact right away.
  • Resume writing is not something that is too hard to understand, and you really just need to worry about not making a mistake more than anything else.
  • As long as you have a solid resume and you are actually qualified for the position, you should definitely expect to earn yourself an interview in the near future. Here are six of the most common mistakes that you should try to remove from your current resume.

Past Jobs

Talk About Skills Instead of Past Jobs While you should definitely list some of the jobs that you have had in the past, you should not forget to mention how those old jobs relate to this new job to which you are applying. It is actually a good idea to leave unrelated jobs off of your resume because nobody really cares about a job in your past if it has absolutely nothing to do with your new prospective occupation. There are usually plenty of skills that you can list next to each job to show people how it applies to this new occupation. If you list a job on your resume, then you need to be able to show how that job actually prepared you for this new job.

Unrelated Degrees

Don’t Worry About Unrelated Degrees Many people get worried when their degrees are not directly related to the job that they are trying to get. This is where you can go back to the skills learned in your past jobs. As long as you can show that you have the required skill set for this new job, then people are not going to care about what kind of degree you got while you were at school. Most places just want to make sure that you have some kind of degree period before they hire you.

Try to Remove Huge Gaps

Mind the Gap You should try to remove huge gaps of unemployment on your resume if possible. While there is technically nothing too wrong about going a few years without work, it definitely is not going to look good on a resume. The best way to fix this problem is to actually list the number of years you worked at a certain job instead of the actual time period. This way, the HR rep will not know that there was actually a three-year gap between two of the jobs that you had in the past.

Don’t List Too Many Jobs

If you are someone who always seems to be hopping around from place to place, then you are not going to want your possible future employers to know that. Employers are usually looking for workers who are steady and prove that they can be loyal to a specific company for a long time. You may want to leave some past jobs off your resume if they have nothing to do with the job field you are applying to.

Work Experience

Make it Short and Sweet Get straight to the point with the main aspects of your resume. Some places are only going to look at the first page. Finding a Replacement for Work Experience If you are someone who has never had a “real job”, then you will need to find something to put under work experience. Any kind of volunteer work or freelance work would be perfect here.

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