A Second Marriage

Engagement Ring Etiquette For A Second Marriage

A Second Marriage

When getting married the bride will receive two rings at different times. First she will receive an engagement ring when her fiance proposes to her. Sometimes she will have some input into the choice on this ring if she knows her fiance is thinking of proposing to her. This input can be something as simple as pointing out rings in the shop’s window saying “when I’m proposed to that’s the type of engagement ring I would like to have” to a more direct situation where her and her fiance actually visit stores with her trying on rings and making suggestions. More often than not though the final decision on an engagement ring is made by the future groom. That is not the case with the wedding ring. Usually when shopping for wedding rings the groom and bride will shop together. This will be one of their first significant purchases together. In the end the bride will have the final say on her wedding ring the large majority of the time.

If the bride is just looking for a band that fits with her engagement ring, choices become simplified. She will be seeking a band that matches her engagement ring in style and color and that fits with the engagement ring. Quite often the groom will inquire about bands when buying the engagement ring if he knows that is an option his fiance will want to consider. Of course all wedding ring purchases are not that simple. If the bride is not seeking a matching band to her ring she will want to consider items such as appearance and functionality when deciding on her ring.

With functionality she needs to consider the type of job she has. Does she have a job where she uses her hands a lot? Then she might want to seek a ring on the practical side to avoid damaging it in every day wear. She will want to consider how exposed the ring will be with how it sits on her finger. If it is exposed she will want to consider the number of prongs and how securely the hold the diamond on the ring. It can be extremely devastating to lose a sentimental item like the stone from your wedding ring.

Appearance is a more subjective item. What is the personal taste of the bride? Does she like extravagant jewelry or does she prefer something that is more on the basic side. What color jewelry compliments her skin tone the best? She should consider this as she will be wearing the ring every day. A ring that looks great in the display may not look great on everyone once they place it on their finger. Many women feel that their ring should match their husbands. This is nice, but not a requirement. Remember, both of you probably have different skin tones and it’s quite likely you have different tastes in jewelry. There is no requirement that the rings match.

The wedding ring should be a personal choice for the bride, as it is for the groom. Keep in mind that this is a sign of your love and you will want to wear it every day for the rest of your life. Would you want to wear a ring that you didn’t like the rest of your life? Of course items such as cost and quality of the material are key aspects in your decision as well, but appearance and functionality need to be considered highly when you realize your wedding ring is something you will want to have on display on your finger on a daily basis the rest of your life.

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