creamed chicken

Ultimate Creamed Chicken On Biscuit

Ingrains & Directions 2 lb Chicken wings Water to cover1 its Salt 2 lb. Skinless boneless chicken-breasts 3 tab Butter 4 tab Flour 1 c Cream Salt and pepper to taste 6 Good-size baking powder-biscuits (I make these-ahead of time; Using-Bisques and following-package directions)  This is a nice old-fashioned dish which many consider the ultimate comfort […]

bread reipe

Suomalaisruisleipa (finish Rye Bread) – Breads Baking Recipes

Ingrains & Directions 1 1/2 c Beer buttermilk milk or-potato water 2 tab Butter or margerine 1 its Salt 1 tab Dry yeast 1/2 c Warm water 1 tab Sugar 2 c Dark rye flour or light rye-flour or rye meal (rye-flour with bran) 3 1/2 To 4 cups unbleached white-flour Will have a more […]

slasher recipe

Slasher Torte – Tortes Baking Recipes

Ingrains & Directions 6 – 1/2 oz. Semi-sweet chocolate broken or chopped in small chunks 10 Egg whites 1 pin Salt 3/4 c Sugar 8 Egg yolks 1 c Sifted flour 8 tab (1/4 lb.) UNSALTED butter, Melted 1/2 c Apricot jam, rubbed 1 its Vanilla Extract Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly grease and […]

Schlau Torte – Tortes Baking Recipes

Ingrains & Directions 1/2 c Egg whites; (3 to 4 large –fresh! – eggs) at room-temperature 2 its Vinegar1 its Vanilla extract 2 c Sugar Strawberries or raspberries-to fill tortes Whipped cream or ice cream — NO substitutes allowed! In honor of this very multi-special occasion, I am going to put a very special recipe […]