Get Christmas Party Ready With These Anti-Ageing Treatments

Season of fun, festivities and parties is approaching fast. Yes, the Christmas season is coming near. You must have started thinking of ideas on how to decorate your house, which outfits to shop for the parties and which gifts to present to your family and friends. But have you thought about your appearance?

Imagine that you appear at the parties with tired, wrinkled and dull looking face showing off your signs of ageing. All the selfies and pictures taken at the parties will display your real age across the social media networks. Do you really want to display your ageing appearance? Surely no!

All of us want to look our best as we really want to make the impression on others. We not just want to look good but also want to be perceived beautiful and young by others. To save you from the embarrassment of seeing your older self in the holiday pictures album, this is just the right time to upgrade your looks. This should be your main goal to set for yourself during this time to look fabulous during the holiday season.

There are several non-surgical cosmetic procedures which are perfect to receive during the early fall period. You can recover optimally during this duration of early fall till finally, the holiday festivities start in their full bloom.

By taking these non-surgical aesthetic treatments at this time of the year, you can avail the opportunity to appear fresh, younger and radiating at the holiday parties. You can make your friends jealous of your amazingly refreshed and rejuvenated looks. In the office parties, you can flaunt your naturally enhanced and youthful looks and make others envious. Book one or more of these non-invasive cosmetic treatments now to make yourself ready to stand out among the guests at the festivities.

Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatment Options to Get Festive Season Ready

  • Botox Treatment: It is the most popular and highly demanded anti-ageing treatment for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles on your face. It is recommended that you take the Botox London treatment at least 2 weeks ahead of the festive season or big event. Ideally, taking the botox injections at this time allows you to see the final results before the holiday festivities and get a top-up botox dose if required.

Why take botox treatment?

Botox actually works by blocking the signals from the brain to the facial muscles which stop their function. This treatment takes few hours to take effects while the noticeable improvements are visible after few days. However, it takes approximately 2 weeks for the facial muscles to relax fully. This timeframe varies from individual to individual depending on the type of your skin as well as types of treated wrinkles (the dynamic lines and wrinkles disappear quicker than the static lines and creases).

How can botox results improve?

You can make gentle facial exercises which may help to speed up the appearance of results giving you optimal outcomes. This does not mean rubbing your face or taking any other facial treatment in 24 hours following the botox treatment. The results of Botox injections will continue to improve for the next few months as your muscles stop contracting and your skin gradually become smooth and wrinkle-free.

The rejuvenating effects of Botox last for about 3-4 months which means that you can pass your holiday season with younger and fresh appearance without worrying about your ageing woes. Thus, it is just the right time to book your pre-holiday season botox treatment.

  • Dermal Fillers: The dermal fillers treatment follows botox treatment in facial rejuvenation. Unlike botox, the results of dermal filler treatment are instantly visible, usually with just a single treatment. It is recommended that you have dermal filler injectable treatment at least 2 weeks before any big event or if you are planning to take two or more treatment sessions then take it 6 weeks before the occasion. Thus, this is the right time to take this anti-ageing treatment and reap its benefits during the holiday festivities.

Why take dermal fillers?

The popular dermal fillers used by the majority of aesthetic practitioners are hyaluronic acid based fillers. These fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid which is skin’ hydration booster. It plump as well as moisturizes your skin giving it smooth, fuller and glowing appearance. The outcomes are immediately visible which allows your practitioner to make adjustments to the results right away. However, 2-3 weeks are given after the treatment to review the final results and see if the product has properly settled as per your wishes.

There is mild swelling, bruising and redness after the treatment which generally fades away in a few days. But to be on the safe side, it is better to have the dermal filler injections a few weeks ahead of the upcoming important event.

How long the results of dermal fillers last?

The rejuvenating and plumping effects of dermal fillers last for approximately 6- 18 months depending on the kind of dermal filler used as well as on your body’s metabolism rate. During this period, your skin will appear smooth, radiant, hydrated and amazing so that you attend the holiday parties with confidence.

Get a combo of Botox and Dermal Fillers

If you are searching for some option for total facial rejuvenation to achieve that dramatic youthful and stunning natural look, then take a combo of Botox and dermal fillers treatment. Botox works on the dynamic lines and wrinkles which appear when you make facial expressions while dermal fillers are effective for static lines and creases which have settled permanently in your skin and stays there even when your face is completely relaxed. Dermal fillers also help to hydrate your skin, improve its texture and restore the lost facial volume.

Both these treatments complement each other. These treatments can produce wonderful and outstanding results of facial rejuvenation when given together. You can first take the botox treatment and a few days apart can take dermal fillers injections.

By just taking the botox and dermal fillers treatment in this early fall season, you can exhibit your no makeup look with light party makeup. Dress up in your best festive attire and show off your natural beauty radiating through your face with these amazing anti-ageing treatments.

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