Super Tren

Super Tren – A pro-hormone For Solid Physique

Super Tren or Trenabol is the updated version of original Blackstone Labs Trenabol. Though the original Trenabol production was stopped in the year of 2016, the product was slightly adjusted and became a new product “Super Tren”. It is upgraded from Trenavar 15 mg to Trenavar 20 mg. The original Trenabol produces up to 15 lbs in a single cycle whereas the new product is expected more in terms of results. Super Tren supports muscle size gain, muscle mass, and strength along with recovery time.

Since the drug is not a methylated pro-hormone, it is expected to produce minimal results. It is advised to accompany pro-hormones with post cycle therapy supplements. Say for example, if the users experience joint pain, then a supplement product for joint pain should be used. It is necessary to use at least 1.5 gallons water per day to escape from adverse side effects.

Super Tren

Trenabol is marketed as a pro-hormone in the names of Super Tren or Blackstone Lab Trenabol. It is manufactured to induce hormone production in the body through natural ingredients in the supplementing form. The ingredients are helpful to promote synthesis, hormone section, especially growth hormone and testosterone.

When we talk about the Blackstone labs super Trenabol review, the users give mixed reviews. Most of the bodybuilders say Super Trenabol is not as strong as anabolic androgenic drug Trenbolone. A few users feel happy with the product because it is not as harmful as AAS and increases the lean stripped muscle mass with adequate dose as a pro-hormone. However, genuine information regarding Super Tren in the bodybuilding forms is lagging.

Trenabol from Blackstone Labs

Trenavar is one of the key ingredients in the original product. This pro-hormone is produced by doing modification in the real levels of Trenbolone AAS. Trendione converts Trenbolone in the body, but the choices can vary. The recommended Super Trenabol dose is two capsules with food. This helps to maintain estra-4, 9, 11-trien-3, 17-dione in a steady level in the body which is ten times more androgenic than testosterone.

Trenabol dose

Experienced users suggest Tren novice users to begin the pro-hormone with a dose of 10-20 mg, split into intervals to know the tolerance and side effects of the users. Starting with a higher dose will certainly lead to negative effects, especially in the third week. If the user’s body is accustomed to Trenabol, then he can increase the dose up to 40 mg daily as split doses.

Trenavar can be stacked with Testosterone, Equipoise, and Primobolan. Deca Durabolin with Trenavar stack shall only be handled by the advanced users. The recommended Super Tren cycle is four weeks.

The side effects of super Trenabol are increased aggression, reduced thyroid levels, raised prolactin level, reduced endurance levels, increased bad cholesterol level, insomnia, lethargy, malaise, increased strain to heart, liver, headaches, leg soreness. Even though Trenavar is banned in the present days, still some underground labs and black markets sell it illegally. Using any illegal product cannot be claimed. So, scrutinize before purchasing such pro-hormone.

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